We are now back up, and still some Minor Bugs, ~DewDog

Last Post for here…Maybe

I’ll keep this site up BUT all the posts WILL now be going on the new PHB3 Site at phb3.wordpress.com no, really check it out


this site is a MESS it would take forever to cleanup so in the meantime i will be creating a entirely new site all poptropica


Were Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after a long time of moving blogs n stuff i have decided to come back to this one! time for a makeover!

either that or were moving to a ENTIRELY NEW SITE!!!!!!!!!!!
or i will clean up… ALOT
your choice…

I’m back and i’m ready 4 action

I have decided to leave my blog is horrible and i and making a better one so i wish you good luck

– The Baseball Guru


A brilliant idea just struk me scince nobody posts here anymore why not i make a whole NEW site ok this is brilliant…GAMING HQ not ALL poptropica but some parts of it are so i will post about poptropica but more i make some games so i will also be posting those and news about nintendo so i will create the site today Link IS…http://tehgameroom.wordpress.com/ all staff on this blog are Welcome to Join and new people are also being accepted!


What is this?

a new youtube account? i decided to trash the old one so i made a new one here you go it would be great if you left a suggestion for me psst leave a comment under the moderation panel or here of course
youtube.com/marioman991 copy and paste it 😉