We are now back up, and still some Minor Bugs, ~DewDog

Just popping in to say….HAPPY THANKZGIVING YOU TURKEYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz but seriously happy early Thankzgiving 2 u and urz have a wonderful day and enjoy urselves! For thankzgiving,we were going 2 go 2 my auntie’s house but…theres alwayz that derrogitorry BUT,well dad has 2 go 2 work early the next day and will be the only one in for his job thingy so yeah..so we cant go. But,we will have as we alwayz do a just us family thankzgiving..in which we will have untraditional food,dont ask me thats just my dad,hes NEVER traditional,lolz hes a ‘country’ guy,but w/ a wonderful sense of humor,maybe thats where i got mine,idk…but anywayz as i was saying we never eat the traditional turkey,etc,etc, and that isnt a new thing its been like this for years,well last year we had traditional cause mom wanted 2 and untraditional. This year we’re having tacos and pizza buffett.So yeah it’ll be fattening..i mean cool. Lolz i dont eat much though usually so i doubt itll be 2 fattening,lolz. So yeah come over 2 my house for junk food on thankzgiving if u dont want traditional! lolz. I’d absolutely LOVE it if yall could come. ;)Maybe someday..well besides making/eating the food we will like um..watch tv/movies like maybe football,go patz!,home videos from 10 yrs ago on thankzgiving,white christmas we alwayz watch that!lolz,and then other movies etc. So it’ll be fun i guess lolz..no school 2..so thats even better,well thats all for the time being. Now until next time this is SS signing off and wishing u a happy thankzgiving!

~SS out

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