We are now back up, and still some Minor Bugs, ~DewDog


ya im back!my moms store has been really busy today!good buisness!lol.alot has happened in one day pm hired poptropica dude (out of all people!)(no offence….)anyway im kinda mad at him now because of somehting he did…..anyhow  me is back and im improving at my graphics but…unfortunatley…i wont be on as much because im helping my mom abit around the store…ps.remeber that graphics competiton nobody entered : – ( and pm i have solved the mystery!(finally)lol!hope you all get what you want for x-mas!anyway wanna have a countdown to christmas somebody will have to edit it each day but i have no problem if i have to do it!

merry twistmas! ~soul silver

p.s call me soul! lol!may all your christmas wishes come true!

(censored)—- Being Rude too Poptropica Dude say your sorry!




Comments on: "ok!" (6)

  1. Yes I am FG! i was on ur blog!!!

    then I quit, remember?

  2. ۞ѕσυℓѕιℓνєя۞ said:

    Wrong person…sorry….

  3. ۞ѕσυℓѕιℓνєя۞ said:

    Hold on poptropica dude is friendly gamer!?

  4. ۞ѕσυℓѕιℓνєя۞ said:

    What im really mad at poptropica dude-_-

  5. ۞ѕσυℓѕιℓνєя۞ said:

    im getting really tired of this blog!

    Poptropica Dude: Dude, I am not trying two replace you!

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