We are now back up, and still some Minor Bugs, ~DewDog

Resignation Note.

Well, working here isn’t a treat to me anymore. I need to be on a blog that has Post that are always Like Poptropica, somtimes you guys make these stupid post that are worth nothing. And we all suck at grammar, like you guys never do capitials or stuff, and we don’t have enough Contest. I’m working on only my Poptropica Blog now. The Link is Poptropicahelpguys.wordpress.com always feel free to drop of a comment. On the newest post. 😀


Comments on: "Resignation Note." (5)

  1. AwesomeMan95 said:

    Howdy, guys. 😀 I’m sorry I left, and I am not trying to be a Grammar Cop Here, and the way Metsfan21 said, it I did ask for people to Comment.

  2. Well,My grammar can be better,if I try,which I will. Hey PM,If you need more staff I recommend Noisy Fish as your man…

  3. ..So ur telling me you’re leaving and advertising ur blog? :O

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