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I PWN Dr.Hare!


Seasons of winning: 8


Seasons of winning: 5

See I PWN The Hare xD.

 I’ll add a graphic soon of me versing Docta Hare! 😀 Peace out home dogs. I’m going to a magical place… *skips and skips and falls* OUCH! xD



hi pm here with some stuff

Friday, March 19, 2010
Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening…


Since Mythology Island is coming soon, we thought it would be fun to offer a cool new item in our store…



and also i have added a message box on the sidebar i have a tool bar in coolstuff and SS has added some stuff into the sidebar to. thats all for now PM OUT~(OHHHSQIGGLYY)Ω

Hades Workout Program?

Man! I need to get myself to a gym!

ptoolz for IE???

ok so you know about ptoolz made by coderkid but it is for firefox..sucks right? so i have decided to make one for IE hopefully it will work but otherwise keep waiting!

PM OUT *crosses fingers*

Guest Book

ok so i added a guestbook on the side bar (the link is on there somewhere) and evreyone who visits please sign it and if you want to add things this site needs.
and i added a toolbar to the cool stuff page SS,i will make you one soon if you want

well PM OUT


After, my vacation on Reality TV Island, I moved to Another strange Island, I learned it was Called “Micro Island” And I made a secret Lab there, and guess what I found? The escaped Mind readers in Hiding, I took Control is was really delightful. Oh, and There is a Giant Carrot behind you! Sike! Hahaha! Well, Peace out, Suckers!

    Dangit, sorry guys What a Freak. Why was he talking about his Freaky Vacation Taking over Poptropicans? Well, I was here to say: My very kind Poptropica Master, gave me a Dr.Hare outfit, and it got me excited. See you later guys, RocketMan is Out!

New Store Item and new Mini Quest???

Hi from snowshoe WV it is PM posting about various items…

Happy Birthday Einstein!

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879. To celebrate his birthday, there is an outfit that comes with a free chapter from a book about him called, “Who Was Albert Einstein?” Now you can look just as smart as Einstein, as you think deep thoughts, and read about his life.

To formulate a powerful equation, hit the space bar.

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and a new as you can see from the title a mini quest but it takes the name “mini” it is a lot like the Race To Witch Mountain ad i will have a walkthough on my channel soon and really creators 250 CREDITS TO GET ON?!?!?!?!?….ripp off
well i am about to go home PM OUT