We are now back up, and still some Minor Bugs, ~DewDog


After, my vacation on Reality TV Island, I moved to Another strange Island, I learned it was Called “Micro Island” And I made a secret Lab there, and guess what I found? The escaped Mind readers in Hiding, I took Control is was really delightful. Oh, and There is a Giant Carrot behind you! Sike! Hahaha! Well, Peace out, Suckers!

    Dangit, sorry guys What a Freak. Why was he talking about his Freaky Vacation Taking over Poptropicans? Well, I was here to say: My very kind Poptropica Master, gave me a Dr.Hare outfit, and it got me excited. See you later guys, RocketMan is Out!


Comments on: "Dr.Hare!" (2)

  1. I found this post to be very useful. I am using it in a report I am writing at college.

    la martina

  2. Lolz, supa! Love the pink font btw. ^_^

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