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New Member

hi i am a new member of the poptropica help 3 team Thanks!!!!


LOTs of new islands

Wow the creators are reallly making up for lost time with rtv being late and all.normally a new island would come out once every three months.now once a month!already 3 islands this year and thats alot compared to before.the creators werent kidding when they said lots of new islands in 2010.anyway make sure to check keep checking the site for more updates,headers,guides and stuff.btw i posted 2 new things on the art palace.peace out ppl.

Guest Book

ok so i added a guestbook on the side bar (the link is on there somewhere) and evreyone who visits please sign it and if you want to add things this site needs.
and i added a toolbar to the cool stuff page SS,i will make you one soon if you want

well PM OUT

New Store Item and new Mini Quest???

Hi from snowshoe WV it is PM posting about various items…

Happy Birthday Einstein!

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879. To celebrate his birthday, there is an outfit that comes with a free chapter from a book about him called, “Who Was Albert Einstein?” Now you can look just as smart as Einstein, as you think deep thoughts, and read about his life.

To formulate a powerful equation, hit the space bar.

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and a new as you can see from the title a mini quest but it takes the name “mini” it is a lot like the Race To Witch Mountain ad i will have a walkthough on my channel soon and really creators 250 CREDITS TO GET ON?!?!?!?!?….ripp off
well i am about to go home PM OUT

Are You Ready To Rock? Again!

The rock stars are back on tour. There are five different color choices for hair clothes and guitars. Hmmm…I could really use some orange hair to go with my little hat.

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Looks like the creators are making  squeals to costumes now!

New pcb Post(s)

sorry i have not been posting for a while but here it is

Scooter Chase

You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

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The one and only Master Mime at 10:52 AM

and another one

Some Counterfeit Characters

Here are a few Poptropicans you’ll likely be meeting on Counterfeit Island.

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wow a new creator and new island DOUBLE DESTRUCTION!! so far counterfeit island look really cool i think
here are some more coustumes http://blog.thephf.com/?p=56#comments coderkid found them somewhere but where could it be this??? https://www.poptropica.com/private/???? i says you need username and password me myself have figured out hacking ways but i will not reveil them


now this is gonna be the ONLY ADMIN ON THIS SITE OK??? because we have a graphics person well a girl not guy hope she does well her name is mimepop/coolmelon on xat chats do not foget the mystery below↓