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LOTs of new islands

Wow the creators are reallly making up for lost time with rtv being late and all.normally a new island would come out once every three months.now once a month!already 3 islands this year and thats alot compared to before.the creators werent kidding when they said lots of new islands in 2010.anyway make sure to check keep checking the site for more updates,headers,guides and stuff.btw i posted 2 new things on the art palace.peace out ppl.



Hey I am new here.  My name on poptropica is either Comical Hawk, Tough Storm, Or Curious Dragon!  If you ever see me on it talk to me 😀

I own PopSuite, and I like pie :).  I will be posting posts from the PCB(poptropica creators blog)!

It’s all Greek to me…

Mythology Island is now playable with Poptropica Membership! This island will be released to everyone for FREE on April 29th. We hope you enjoy it, this was a fun one to make. We have more awesome islands in the works, so stay tuned!

~ Noisy Fish

I PWN Dr.Hare!


Seasons of winning: 8


Seasons of winning: 5

See I PWN The Hare xD.

 I’ll add a graphic soon of me versing Docta Hare! 😀 Peace out home dogs. I’m going to a magical place… *skips and skips and falls* OUCH! xD


hi pm here with some stuff

Friday, March 19, 2010
Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening…


Since Mythology Island is coming soon, we thought it would be fun to offer a cool new item in our store…



and also i have added a message box on the sidebar i have a tool bar in coolstuff and SS has added some stuff into the sidebar to. thats all for now PM OUT~(OHHHSQIGGLYY)Ω

Hades Workout Program?

Man! I need to get myself to a gym!

ptoolz for IE???

ok so you know about ptoolz made by coderkid but it is for firefox..sucks right? so i have decided to make one for IE hopefully it will work but otherwise keep waiting!

PM OUT *crosses fingers*