We are now back up, and still some Minor Bugs, ~DewDog


Get Poptropica_Master chat group | Goto Poptropica_Master website

You can see who is online by looking at the user list on the right side of the chatbox. Next to each name is a pawn, colored depending on their status in the chat. If there is a star on the pawn as well, it just means they are registered on Xat, the chatroom’s provider. The main differences on the pawns would be:

Guest: By default, most people are guests. Guests are welcome to join in the conversation, but one restriction for them is that any links/URLs they post are not visible to everyone else.

Member: Unlike guests, members can post links/URLs for others to see. They are also listed higher up in the user list. Being a member shows that you can be trusted not to break the rules, and that you are friendly to other users. Members also log into the chatroom often and are fairly active.

Moderator: These are people who are very well-trusted by the chatroom owners to keep the place safe and enjoyable. Moderators will restore peace if there is any fighting, and will ban anyone who is spamming or swearing.

Owner: The only owners in the Poptropica Help Chatroom are the staff members of the Poptropica Help Blog (PHB3). (For a current listing of all the owners, check the About page.) Owners will check on the chatroom and manually choose moderators as suitable.


Comments on: "Chat" (3)

  1. La Poptropica es duro! Yo jugar Poptropica cada la tarde!

    PM:Translation:The Poptropica is hard! Poptropica I play every evening!

  2. Jack Houston owns Cuddly Jumper, a.k.a Director Jumper.

  3. I am Jack Houston. I am wondering about Skullduggery Island. Is It hard? Or Easy? I heard it launched for members today, but I am just a normal player. Poptropica has gradually gotten more fun and less educational in the past year. The Beta was much more boring and sketchy than Today’s version is. I got bored out of my mind when I first played Poptropica.

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