We are now back up, and still some Minor Bugs, ~DewDog

Cool Stuff

Ctrl+Shift+p you get a pumpkin head

Ctrl+Shift+r randomize you caracter(includes gender clothes and cellphone,racket,basket ball etc.)

Ctrl+Shift+1 you do the laughing emote

Ctrl+Shift+2 you do the crying emote

Ctrl+Shift+3 angry emote

Ctrl+Shift+4 jumping emote

And yes they work out of mutiplayer rooms to

Cellphone codes cellphone is in mountins of the moon 2 in nabooti island!!!!!

911 police outfit

1337 nerd outfit

1225 santa bag and hat

411 brain helment

This is a cool game i made here is how to do it

walk left and get the jetpack in the water then fly up to villian once h gets mad fly away get yellow key then go to powerups walk util you see slidy thin then jump swim all the way down walk right though yellow door you have captured bad guy good job

[clearspring_widget title=”Sploder Games” wid=”49b4943e7d297c34″ pid=”4a8310404355da64″ width=”508″ height=”360″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]Make a free flash game!

Go to this to go to the teleporter thingy ——->http://thephf.com/poptroportex/ this is MADE BY THE PHB not me


The shrunken glcth

  1. buy minimizer from poptropica store
  2. shrink
  3. go to time tangled island future
  4. go to your sky home
  5. like you the old man is shrunken
  6. take off the minimizer and presto you have done it

The Water glicth

1. go to the password fountain thing on astro knights

2. then enter the password when it is colsing click on it again when it pops up

3. click close and now your underground well until you jump up :) three simple steps how easy

other part

do the same above and when you click on it the second time enter the passsword again

but then you will see that water is poring out of the rocket but not filling and when you jump up you will be coming out of the floor :)

other part credit goes to purple paw




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  2. That game is addicting… I don’t know why though.

  3. Detective Sneakyc/Scaryw said:

    The game is intresting.

  4. Detective Sneakyc/Scaryw said:


  5. Cuddly Sun said:


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