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This is under construtions now but here is RTV guide

Reality TV Island Guide

Take a ride in the Poptropica blimp and arrive at “Reality TV Island” . Then go in Mike’s Market and go right until you see fresh donuts and a man reading a blue magazine talk to him and he will say “Reality tv island is on in less than 24 hours! I gotta go!” and he will run out of the market and drop his magazine then go take the magazine he dropped and you should have something called “Tabloid” in your inventory now go in your inventory and click examine on the magazine item and when it opens click next and you will see blue card that says “Reality Tv Official Contestant Application” click on it and it should tear off and you should have something in your inventory called “Application” .

Now leave the market and go left until you see “Motels Office” enter it go right until you see a telephone on a desk and a bunch of white pens with red tops click on the bunch of pens then “Cheap Pen” Should be added to your inventory then click the telephone and dial in: 555-7383 as in “555-pete” in the magazine then click call and then someone  will answer and say  : “Papa Pete’s Pizza. What’s Your Order” and your player will say: “Um… Small Plain Pizza.” and then he/she will say: “Where Do You Want That Delivered?”  Then click Motel Room 4B and then he/she will say: “Ok, We’ll send a driver right over.”  Then exit out of the office.

When you’re out you will see a women with a pizza box talk to her and she will say: “I’m supposed to deliver this pizza, but I forgot the room number!” and your player will say: “Want me to take care of that for you?”  And she will say: “Sure! I want to get home and watch TV, Anyway.”  And she will give you the pizza box and go away (And if you have the costume collector you can save the pizza box!).

Now jump up to 4B and click on the door  and your player will knock on the door and say: “Pizza!” and the door will open, enter it and go right until you see a man go talk to him and he will say: “Finally! It took you guys forever to get here!” and he will take the pizza from you and then 3 options would appear above your head choose the 3rd one which is: “I could really use that grand prize.” and he will give you a stamp go to your inventory and click use on the stamp card and you will stick it on your application card you can write something in your application card like: “I want to be famous” and now exit out of his house.

Now go right until you see a blue post box click it and your player will say: “Well, It’s worth a shot!” and then you will put the application card in the post box and your screen will start loading.

The Next Day…

Your player will come and say: “I don’t believe it!!!” then you will see a helicopter and then your player will say: “ I made it!!! I’m on the show!” Now go up on the roof and click Start The Show on the helicopter.

The Show

When your screen finish’s loading click Begin The Show and then you will see a bunch of people including: Director D, Black Widow, Betty Jetty, Dr. Hare and Hippie Man and you can customize them too! ( You might not see them all in one show/season  but if you keep restarting the shows/seasons you will get to see them) well then click Begin Today’s Challenge there are 7 challenges in a show and people get the challenges randomly  here are some tips:

1. Totem Hop: This one is easy just stay at your totem and if your totem starts to shake just click another one until you’re the last one standing.

2. Boulder Push:  Just keep on pressing on the left click on your mouse REALLY FAST to reach the finish line first.

3.  Coconut Catch: Now this one is pretty hard well when the monkey throws coconuts you have to jump and catch them before the others do, try to get the bunches of  3, first one to get 20 coconuts wins.

4.  Shuffleboard: Click and aim your puck to the center of the target there is three rounds your puck has to be in the center of the target at the end of the 3rd round so if in the first round you aim your puck to the center of the target the other challengers can knock your puck out of it in the next 2 rounds.

5.  Shot Put: This one is quite easy click the angle when its 45 degrees so almost in the middle then click again when the power bar is full and the person with the farthest rock will win.

6.  Water Run: This one is tough you have to fill your jug with water from the water fall then bring it back without spilling it so you have to watch out for the boar.

7. Pole Climb: Just stay on the 2 middle poles and move right or left to avoid the falling coconuts.

8. On The Line: Just click the left click on your mouse and your fishing rod/pole will go down automatically and come up and if you’re lucky it will come up with a fish and the first person to get 5 fish wins.

9. Balanced Diet: You have to keep your pole balanced; you have to try to keep the dot in the middle, it gets harder with more food on your pole.

10. Mountain Race: You have to reach the top of the mountain first, but you have to watch out for falling rocks if the rock is falling from the air click below and if its sliding down jump to duck them.

11. Geyser Guess: This game is a luck game you have to select a geyser and be the last one standing, well when some one floats away I’d rather select his geyser.

After the end of every challenge someone gets voted off and if you or any other challengers win a challenge they can’t get voted off after it. And the person with most votes off gets out of the show. And if you didn’t win the show try and try again and when you win it your screen will load and then click return home.

Congratulations, you have completed Reality TV Island!

You will be awarded with the Reality TV Island Medallion and 100 credits to spend at the Poptropica Store.

And if you ever want to restart the show just ride the helicopter! But remember you can only get 100 credits 1 time!

~Mega Boy….The 10th Player To Finish Reality TV Island! ;)

early poptropica walkthrough:you will arive on main street.where you see a sewer entrance hop down it and keep on climbing down till you see a spider.dont let him hit you are youll go flying! get past him and youll see a pig.pick it up.now go back up to mainstreet. run over to early poptropica.give the pig to the man by the pig pin.then run over to the well and jump down it.push the crates so that you are able to get to the rope in the left corner.climb up this and get the glow stick.after this come out of the well and go back over to main street.go back to the sewyer and go passed the spider until you see a little opening.go in here and your glow stick should light up.follow the directions on the walll to get the golden egg.find your way up to the rope which leads to towers.now climb up using washing lines and windows to the top where youll see a table climb up to the place over the table.give the giant his egg he will let you pass.then run over and you should see a load of giant veggies and stuff keep on moving till you come to the place with the air craft.there should be a metal thing sticking up somwhere around there…where the jetpack is..then head back to veggie place and go around the vine to a see a sign witch sayes exit go dow.now you should be on the water tower head towards the flag and grab it.go back to early poptropica and give the items to evry body then when the flag is up a boat should apear.talk to the man on board to claim your medal.congrats you completed early poptropica island!~cm guide taken from my other blog

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  1. Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! 🙂

  2. AwesomeMan95 said:

    I was 15, Until they just lowered it down to 10. Which really sucked!

  3. You were the 10th person to finish Reality TV?

    Your like famous! 😀

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