We are now back up, and still some Minor Bugs, ~DewDog


Staff Page:https://poptropica3.wordpress.com/staff/staff-page/Wanna be a Staff of This Blog? Post A Comment Below Sayin I Wanna be The (what ever you want to be of whatever you can be ((like if you have great art skills be the graphics guy/girl (((you have to prove it))) get it?)) ok?)

If you Want to become a staff member you must have a wordpress acount at the bottom of the sign up page for wordpress it says gimme a blog click on no just a user Please and then comment

Job listings

Graphics Guy/Girl         note: there can be two one for holidays and one for monthly
Pcb Poster
Coming soon to poptropica poster
Coolstuff finder
Store Stuff

More coming soon



Comments on: "Staff" (15)

  1. I’m sorry I don’t have a blog but I used to work as a graphics girl for one. I forget it’s name…. I think that I want to be either the graphics girl or the art girl. The graphics girl because I know lots of graphics’ secrets and art girl because my art got sent to the center of education and I’m REALLY good at art. BTW: Is it OK if I don’t have a blog? Because if yes then 😀 but if no then 😦

  2. Could I work here im good at every of the job listings. I have good grammar at times. I am good at Graphics and posting. I can help with ideas, and in general i am good at everything here are some of the blogs i work at http://popsuite2.wordpress.com/ ,and http://poproughrider.wordpress.com/

  3. um pm i have a couple blog Q’z….

  4. talikagirl7 said:

    and i got the creative block to work again!

  5. talikagirl7 said:

    pm i wanna try both sumo is up and running again and i got the snowflake andheader size working

  6. i want to be the art girl for a reason i love drawing

  7. Are you still hirin’?

  8. no not really i have you on the blog in some days

  9. i wanna be the graphics girl!it takes me at least 2 weeks to do some graphics.but i hope that doesnt matter!XD

  10. i wanna be staff lolz

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