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New Member

hi i am a new member of the poptropica help 3 team Thanks!!!!


LOTs of new islands

Wow the creators are reallly making up for lost time with rtv being late and all.normally a new island would come out once every three months.now once a month!already 3 islands this year and thats alot compared to before.the creators werent kidding when they said lots of new islands in 2010.anyway make sure to check keep checking the site for more updates,headers,guides and stuff.btw i posted 2 new things on the art palace.peace out ppl.

Take me off.

I’m sorry. This time I’m not coming back, I’m way to busy on these 4 test I need to do the whole week…. and I’m getting sick way to often, I need to leave this blog, I hope you understand. Please delete me from this blog as soon as you see this.

Guest Book

ok so i added a guestbook on the side bar (the link is on there somewhere) and evreyone who visits please sign it and if you want to add things this site needs.
and i added a toolbar to the cool stuff page SS,i will make you one soon if you want

well PM OUT


i finished one of the wallpapers sorry if i did a suckish job pasting the image in :[ anyhow here it is the actual green thing in the back was made on paint and then i pasted in the poptropician and added text.

ya suckish...


now this is gonna be the ONLY ADMIN ON THIS SITE OK??? because we have a graphics person well a girl not guy hope she does well her name is mimepop/coolmelon on xat chats do not foget the mystery below↓



Hey People

Well If you are wondering this is The same the as Poptropica Help blog 2 But We moved I am Agent Snowball (as you can See)i will be Posting blog updates and other stuff i can check out the staff page (not the password one) to see the jobs this site needs